GMP Zero Dead Leg Valves

Zero Dead Leg Valve

The G.M.P. Fabrication can be utilized to virtually eliminate dead leg in the design of point of use outlets in a typical WFI distribution loop. The process fluid flows through the valve body. As demand warrants, the valve is opened providing an uncontaminated sample untainted by bacterial growth or contaminants which may accumulate in outlet greater than 6D.

The outlet can also be utilized as steam condensate drain or as a divert port. The valve had been modified to accept a third port of the same diameter pr smaller positioned adjacent to the weir at the bottom of the valve. Typically the G.M.P. valve is oriented in the vertical position for horizontal applications, the sterile access valve is recommended. The G.M.P. configuration is available in sizes ¼", 4" (DNB-100) and can be supplied with buttweld or ferrule end connections.