Ultra Violet Disinfectant

1. We have assumed that the quality of food water is free from suspended matter, color, iron and turbidity, if these are present rays cannot penetrated effectively and we suggest pretreatment and filtration before feeding to UV system.

2. All wetted part is made of Teflon and PVC, which eliminate corrosion. Teflon Tubes, which permits maximum transmission of UV rays, are used to carry the fluid through the Disinfections chamber. The Teflon tube is not sticky, unbreakable and requires no constant cleaning.

3. The outer enclosure is made of stainless steel and indication lamps are provided to know workings of lamps are provided to know the working of lamps.

4. The unit is designed for complete separation of fluid and electrical ferrule reliability and safety.

5. We can offer 'Solenoid Valve' Time Totalize, Voltmeter, Audio Alarm and spare parts at extra cost against specific requirement. A separate control panel will be provided with indication lamp, voltmeter, ammeter etc. Ballast, Fan and other electrical circuits are housed separately in the panel box.